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Greenrich - Growatt SPF5000TL HVM WPV-P

Connections from Batterich Lithium battery

1. Connect the terminals securely from your battery to the inverter. Positive (+ is red) to positive; Negative (- is black) to negative.

1.1 If you have 2 batteries (or more), connect the positive from 1st battery to the positive of the 2nd battery. Similarly, connect the negative of 1st battery to the negative of the 2nd battery. Connect the negative of the 2nd battery (or last battery) to the inverter. Remember to connect the communication cable - left RS485 port to the inverter AND the RS485 port (next to the RS232) to the next battery as per image below.

2. Connect the RS485 cable from the battery (RS485 port) to the inverter's  BMS port.

3. Connect inverter to AC input, AC output, PV Array (if available)

** We are focused on the Battery-Inverter connection and setup here. For guide on inverter to AC and PV Array connections, please refer to the relevant section.

Settings on the Battery and Inverter

1. First turn on the battery and do ALL settings on battery AND inverter. Make sure the inverter is working BEFORE switching on any AC-input / output or any PV Array connection.

2. Set the Dip-switch to 1-0-0-0 on your 1st (master) or only battery. If you have more than one battery, set each dip-switch differently (eg. 0-1-0-0, 0-0-1-0 and so on.

3. On the inverter, press and hold the <ENTER> button until a 2-digit number on the right starts flashing. Once flashing, push the <UP> or <DOWN> button until you have (05) which is the option for the type of battery. Press <ENTER>. Press the <UP> or <DOWN> button until (LI) is shown and press the <ENTER> button to confirm. 

4. When you have confirmed the LI (Lithium battery) menu, you will see the number (36) flashing, Press the <ENTER> button and a number 1, 2, 3 or 4 will be flashing. Press the <UP> or <DOWN> button until 1 is shown and press <ENTER> to confirm. Press <ESC> to exit this menu.

The inverter is now successfully connected to the battery and will be able to intelligently charge and manage the Batterich Lithium battery.

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